White paper: Law libraries' digital revolution

White paper: Law libraries' digital revolution

Why more firms are moving to e-book collections

Law librarians around the world share their experience moving to a digital library

When Marta Hernández Alvardo, who runs the Legal Information Center at Cuatrecasas (a law firm with more than 900 lawyers in 26 offices in Spain and worldwide), began moving her firm from printed law books to digitized online versions of them, she had a surprise: no complaints from the lawyers.

For those who were responsible for library services over many offices, we have seen that digital books have a lot of advantages in administrative cost, availability without our managing a lending system, cost savings on photocopies, and policing of the licensing.

Jennifer McNenly, Director of Library and Information Services at Fasken Martineau in Toronto

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Benefits of digital libraries

  • Advanced search capability
  • Ease for end-users
  • Consistency of access and lawyer training across multiple offices
  • Personalized links and annotations
  • Current legal materials
  • Less real estate needed for book storage