Adjusting the display in ProView™

Choose the Options icon () in the tool bar to access the display settings and change the appearance of your titles on ProView.


Tablets: Portrait and landscape orientation

If you're using a tablet, titles on ProView can be viewed in either portrait or landscape orientation. The page orientation adjusts automatically when you rotate your device. If a tool panel is open while in landscape orientation, it will close when the device is rotated to portrait. Choose a tool icon if you wish to open that tool panel.



The page-to-page flow of text in selected titles on ProView can be easily changed. If your title supports pagination, you can choose Pages Match the Book in Options. This option leaves the pagination of the title intact for the ProView version. The page numbers will be the same in both the ProView version and the hard copy version of the title. The reading flow, however, may require that you scroll down to see all the content on a page.

To eliminate the need to scroll, choose Text Reflows to Eliminate Scrolling. ProView will then provide a smooth reading experience from page to page, with no need to scroll while reading.


Changing the text size

Use the Text size slider to reduce or enlarge the text size.


Changing the line spacing

Choose one of the three options to reduce or enlarge the line spacing of the text. (Not supported in the browser.)


Changing the color scheme

Choose one of the three options to change the color scheme of your book:
Choose  to display black text on a white background.
Choose  to display black text on an off-white background.
Choose  to display white text on a black background.


Changing the font

Times New Roman is the default font. To change the font, choose one of the other fonts available: Georgia, Helvetica, Knowledge, or Verdana.