Creating and sharing PDFs in ProView™

You can create PDFs of content in your ProView titles if they support this feature. Once the PDFs are created, you can view and share (email, print, save, etc.) them in a variety of ways depending on the capabilities of the platform that you’re using ProView on.

To create a PDF:

  1. When you are viewing a document, choose the Share icon on the top bar of the reader. (If you don’t see the icon, Sharing is not available in that title.)
  2. You’ll see three choices for the content of the PDF:
    • Selected Text – The PDF contents will be text that is currently selected. If no content is selected, this choice will be greyed out
    • Current View – The PDF contents will be what you see in the reader window plus any material you can see by scrolling down. Current View is not available if you are in Scroll mode in the browser
    • Current TOC Section – The PDF contents will be the text from the TOC section that you are viewing. The Section name is displayed in the gray area below “Current TOC Section.”
  3. Select one of the checkboxes.
  4. Choose the Next button.

You will see a message that the PDF is being created. When the PDF is ready you will either see the message, “PDF Ready”, or see the PDF in the Share popover and be prompted to choose a PDF reader.

  • Tablets:
    • iPad - The file will be displayed as a preview. The PDF preview is accessible until you tap the Back button in the Share popover to select a different check box or dismiss the popover by tapping away. Choose the Action button to see the options for sharing, viewing, or printing the PDF.
    • Android - An Action popover will prompt you to choose what application you'd like to view the PDF in.
  • Desktop - Mac/Windows – The file will be downloaded and you will be presented with an option to open the PDF with the default PDF reader on your machine. If you do not have a PDF reader installed, you must first install one to view the downloaded PDF.
  • Browsers - When the PDF is ready, it will be downloaded according to the download settings on your browser.

After you have the PDF on your device or desktop, you can continue to share or print the PDF using the available software.