Managing your ProView™ library

Sorting your library

By default, titles in your library are sorted alphabetically by title. To change how your library is organized, choose the Sort dropdown and select one from the following:

  • Title
  • Type (publisher-defined)
  • Publisher
  • Jurisdiction
  • Subject (publisher-defined)
  • Ownership (whether the title is owned or is a library title)
  • Recently Read (not available on the browser)

The titles will be sorted again if a new sort order is chosen.


Filtering your library

If you have a large number of titles in your library, you can narrow down the list of titles displayed by filtering according to title type or by other characteristics of the title.

Choose the Search icon to open the Search and Filter pane.

You can display titles of only one type using the Types of Titles dropdown on the Search pane. The available types are:

  • All
  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • eReference
  • Imports

When you choose a type, the filter is applied immediately. On the Results line you will see a tag with the name of the filter that is applied. You can filter by type after you do a search to reduce the number of titles displayed.


Filtering your library using other characteristics

By default, all of the titles in your library are displayed. To narrow the list of titles that are displayed, select one of the following under the Filter By heading in the Search pane and choose a value in the dropdown:

  • Jurisdiction – Displays the selected jurisdiction
  • Publisher – Displays only the selected publisher
  • Subject – Displays books with the selected, publisher-defined subject
  • Ownership – Displays books that are owned, not loaned from a library


eReference tab for library filtering

If you have eReference titles in your library, you will see an additional eReference tab for filtering. Choosing this tab has the same filtering effect as choosing from the Type dropdown in the search pane.


Combining libraries (registration keys)

You may add more than one ProView registration key to your OnePass account when you buy several titles. If you add more than one key, you will be required to create a nickname for each key. After you create the nickname, each title in your library will be identified by the nickname.