Reading books in ProView™

You can navigate easily in a title using the Thomson Reuters ProView app.


Browsing titles

To turn the pages of a title on a tablet, tap near the right or left margin of a page or swipe right or left. Note that in a browser you must click on the directional arrows at the bottom of the page. You can also move the slider at the bottom of the screen to go quickly to a particular section in a title.

Select and hold the running head at the top of a page to display a section of the table of contents with the current section header in context.

If the title you are browsing has a complex structure, such as a tax code, you may see an icon () at the start of a subsection. Choose the icon to display the section number or heading that indicates your location within the title.


Accessing, browsing, and filtering a table of contents

Choose the navigation icon () on the toolbar to view the table of contents for a title you are reading.

To expand an entry in the table of contents and display its subentries, choose the entry title. The list of subentries is overlaid on the lower level of entries. To return to a lower level of entries on the iPad, drag the overlaid levels to the right or choose the orange bar next to the level to which you want to return.

To display the text for a specific section in the table of contents, choose its title.

If the publisher has created one or more lists with internal links, such as a table of cases, you can access the lists by choosing the navigation icon and then choosing a list title from the options at the top of the navigation list. While viewing the list, choose an entry to go to the title page that contains the entry.


Filtering the table of contents

Use the Table of Contents (TOC) filter to find all the TOC entries that contain specific letters or numbers. To do a search of the text of the Table of Contents headings:

  1. Display the Table of Contents for the title you are viewing.
  2. Enter your filter text in the white field that has "Filter Table of Contents" inside of it.
  3. Choose the plus or chevron next to the TOC entry to see where the entry is in the Table of Contents hierarchy.

As you enter more characters, the list of filtered TOC entries will get shorter. Delete individual characters or all the characters in the Filter field to make the list longer.


Adding a bookmark

To add a bookmark to a page in a title, choose the Bookmark icon ( ) in the upper right corner of the screen. To view a list of pages you have bookmarked, choose the Bookmark icon in the toolbar. Choose an entry to go to the bookmarked page.


Viewing navigation history

To view a history of the sections of a title you have viewed, choose the History icon () in the toolbar. Navigate through the list and choose an entry to return to that page or section.

You can also choose the history icon arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate to previous or subsequent sections in your history.


Going to a specific page

If your title supports pagination, you can go to a specific page in the title by typing the page number in the box in the toolbar at the top of the screen and then selecting enter.


Linking to online documents

If the title you are reading contains a hyperlink to a document on an online service to which you subscribe, such as Westlaw, you can access the document by choosing the link.


Viewing tables

To enlarge a table or chart that supports table-viewer functionality (noted by the icon), choose the table to open an enlarged version in Table Viewer.


Viewing images

To enlarge an image (for example, a patent drawing) that supports image-viewer functionality, choose the image to open an enlarged version in Image Viewer.


Accessing and browsing an index

If the book you are reading contains an index, you can access it by choosing the A-Z icon in the toolbar. The index terms will displayed under headings next to an alphabetical list that allows you to navigate through the index. When you select a link, the chosen page will be displayed.


Navigating between titles

You can easily navigate between titles using the Recently Read popover. When you are reading a title, choose the down arrow ( ) ( Android) from the top left of the screen and choose the title in the popover that you want to switch to. The popover will close and the selected title will open.


Trial titles

If the title you are reading contains an EYE icon in the upper left corner of the page this signifies you are in a Trial version of a title. Trial versions show a limited amount of content, which can be annotated, searched, and navigated the same way a complete version can be used. To get a complete version of the title, contact your Thomson Reuters salesperson or order online.