Using the ProView™ library

Recent activity area

At the top of your library, in the ProView library view, is the Recent Activity area which includes:

  • A rotating list of Quick Tips for using ProView on the left side. You can display a new tip by choosing the Refresh icon.
  • New user information is displayed on the right side the first time you use ProView.
  • After your first use, title information for your most recently read titles, starting with the most recently read title are displayed on the right side. You can scroll horizontally to see more previously read titles.


Title information area

All the titles you have access to are displayed in the area below Recent Activity, whether you have downloaded them or not.

Library label – At the top of the library there is a line of tools for viewing and filtering your library.

On the left you’ll see a "Library" label unless you have eReference titles in your library.

If you only have eReference titles in your library, you will see the following label and your library will be sorted in subject order:

If you have mix of eReference titles and non-eReference titles, you will see the label below. You can filter your library to show all books by choosing “Full Library” or only eReference titles by choosing “eREFERENCE.”

Library views

You can choose to view your title in either the grid or list view.

Grid view - In the Grid View , the information about your titles is displayed on cards. In the Grid view you’ll see different types of cards for individual titles and for groups, such as periodicals.

List view - In the List View , the same information for a title is displayed as in grid view, however each title’s information is displayed horizontally across the library.

In both views you have the ability to find more information about the individual title or the periodical. If you choose the icon on the group card or line in list view, you will see a pane slide in from the right with more details.

Sorting the library view – You can sort the Library view using the “Sort by” dropdown next to the Library label. See “Sorting Your Library” later in this document.


Title information display

Individual title cards

Individual title cards may contain:

  • Cover art
  • Download icon (if the title hasn’t been downloaded)
  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Published date
  • Updated date
  • Due date (if a loaned book)
  • Download progress bar
  • More Information icon – choose to open the title detail pane
  • Search hit count badge (in the case of library searches)


Periodical cards

Periodical cards have a multiple card appearance that shows that there are more than one title associated with the card. The top card displays information on the most recent title in the group.

Periodical cards may contain:

  • Cover art
  • Download icon (if the title hasn’t been downloaded)
  • Title
  • Author(s) or Publisher
  • Periodical icon
  • Periodical count
  • Published date
  • Updated date
  • Download progress bar
  • Information icon – choose to open the periodical detail pane
  • Search hit count badge (in the case of library searches)


Title detail pane

A title detail pane contains:

  • Title
  • Cover art
  • Publisher
  • Author(s)
  • Published Date
  • Updated Date
  • File size
  • Annotation count
  • Publication Notes (is a link)
  • Due date
  • Grace date
  • Account nickname (if applicable)

On a title detail pane, a user can:

  • Download the title
  • Transfer annotations
  • Remove the title from the device (iPad or Android)

Close the detail pane by swiping right or using Close icon or selecting the Library layer. If the user closes the detail pane during a download, the download continues.


Periodical detail pane

A group title panel may contain:

  • Group icon
  • Group title count
  • Title of the group
  • Grid and list views of the periodicals in the group


Actions you can take in your library

Downloading a title

Users can download a title by choosing “Download Title” or the download icon. The progress bar tracks the download and the download in progress is mirrored on the “main” card in the Library area.

Users can cancel the download by choosing Cancel Download or by choosing the title’s card during the download. An action/dialog box is displayed allowing you to cancel the download or continue.


Sorting your library

By default, books in your library are sorted alphabetically by title. To change how your library is organized, click the Sort button at the top of the page and choose one of the following:

  • Title
  • Type (publisher-defined)
  • Publisher
  • Jurisdiction
  • Subject (publisher defined)
  • Ownership (whether the book is owned or is a library book)
  • Recently Read (not available on the browser)


Searching the titles in your library

While viewing your library, tap the Search icon ( ) at the top right of the library area to display the pane where you can Search and Filter your library. A pane slides over the library from the right.

For libraries containing titles with Thesaurus, you can use the ProView Thesaurus to narrow the search scope. If your library includes the thesaurus feature, two text boxes are displayed when you tap the Search icon: Full Text and Thesaurus. You can search by full-text search terms, select thesaurus terms, or both. To search, type your query in the “Search Library Content” entry box and press Search.

While the search is running, titles will begin to be displayed in the library area, ranked by the number of times the search term is found in each title.

Under the Library label you’ll see the word “Results” followed by the number of titles that include that search term. That number is followed by a tag(s) containing each search term used. To remove a search term, just click on the X in the tag and the search will be rerun, or the full library will be displayed if no search terms remain.

The number of times the search term is found in a title is displayed on each title. To see where those search terms occur, choose a title to open it. The search will be rerun in the title and a list of the sections and subsections in the book where your search term occurred is displayed in the left hand pane.

You can drill down to individual instances of search terms by choosing the arrow in the right margin of sections and subsections until your search terms is displayed within snippets of text. Choose the snippet to display the book page with your search terms highlighted. Choose the Search icon to close the Search and Filter pane.

To use the thesaurus, enter text in the Thesaurus text box. Entries in the thesaurus that match what you have typed are displayed. Tap a word or phrase in the list to add it to your search query and run the search. The Thesaurus text box will be emptied and the term will be added in a tag on the library side. To add an additional thesaurus selection, repeat the aforementioned process in the same Thesaurus text box.

To remove a term or thesaurus selection, choose the X in the respective tag. This action will automatically re-run the search. New Full Text terms and Thesaurus terms can be added at any time to refine the search.


Filtering your titles

If you have a large number of titles in your library, you may want to narrow down the list of titles displayed by filtering according to title type or by other characteristics of the title.


Filtering titles by type
You can choose to display titles of only one type using the Types of Titles dropdown on the Search pane. The available types are:

  • All
  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • eReference
  • Imports

When you choose a type, the filter is applied immediately. On the Results line you will see a tag with the name of the filter that is applied. You can filter by type after you do a search to reduce the number of titles displayed.


Filtering your library using other characteristics
By default, all of the books in your library are displayed. To narrow the list of titles that are displayed in the library, select one of the following under the Filter By heading in the Search pane and choose a value in the dropdown:

  • Jurisdiction – Displays the selected jurisdiction
  • Publisher – Displays only the selected publisher
  • Subject – Displays books with the selected, publisher-defined subject
  • Ownership – Displays books that are owned, not loaned from a library

Choose the Search icon to close the Search and Filter pane.